Frequently asked questions

Currently, we offer customers a Hay Visa Card. A prepaid card that’s linked to your Hay app and Hay account which is a digital transaction account that represents your available balance, but is not a bank account.

Any Australian resident 16 years or over. A resident is considered someone who can stay in Australia as a citizen, permanent resident or a valid visa holder (this visa needs to be valid for a minimum of 3 months and allow paid work in Australia).

You can contact Hay Help team through the in-app chat or email [email protected]. We're available 8am till 6pm Mon-Fri, with average response times within 15 minutes.

Currently any Apple device with iOS 10.0 or newer, or an Android device with version 6.0 Marshmallow or newer. We also support Apple and Android wearable watches.

If you have a complaint or dispute relating to our products or the financial services we provide, please click this link and follow the process.

To unfreeze/activate your card, please follow the steps below:

  • Go to the home screen of the app
  • Click "Unfreeze your card"
  • Confirm "Unfreeze"
  • Tap the "Physical card frozen" toggle to turn it off

Do not unfreeze your card until it arrives.

You are all set!

To top up your account, please follow the steps below:

  • On the home screen click “Add Funds”
  • Click on “Copy your account details”
  • Set up a regular bank transfer to your Hay BSB and Account Number
  • Paste in your details

Hay supports instant payments so if this is available through your other bank, the top-up will be instant.
Please note some banks may not allow you to paste in your account details, in this case, you may need to enter your account details manually.

You can report bugs, issues and suggestions directly through the app. Just go to Settings and click on 🐞 Report a bug or issue.

Yes, you sure can! 📲 Say hello to Apple Pay and Google Pay. 🙌

Add your Hay Visa card to Apple Pay or Google Pay in Hay app or on your device in your digital wallet section:

  • In the Hay app Settings swipe up
  • Then click on 'Add card to Apple Wallet' or 'Add card to Google Pay'
  • Follow prompts to add Hay card to your digital wallet

If you experience any issues, contact the Hay Help Team via our in-app chat or email [email protected].

Your Hay account is fee-less for everything except overseas ATM withdrawals above $500 per month. On the rare occasion where there's an issue with a payment which we need to dispute, we may pass on a processing fee.

We have an Australian Financial Services Licence and adhere to strict standards set by regulators, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA). We safeguard all customer funds with National Australia Bank Limited and Cuscal Limited for Direct Entry, NPP and BPAY settlement. Heritage Bank Limited hold customer funds for Visa International Settlement purposes.

It is important for you to know that Hay is not a bank and our prepaid and debit cards are not protected under the financial claims scheme.

You're free to use your Hay Visa card all around the world where Visa card payments are accepted.

The reason we only accept these forms of ID is because they have photos. For enhanced security and to better protect our user's accounts, we match the ID photo to a selfie taken during the account opening process.

Using your unique link, refer a friend that opens a Hay account and you will unlock your TinyBig rewards to receive 1% cashback on all purchases of $10 or less. Once your referred friend opens their account you will receive a push notification that your rewards are unlocked. You will also receive a notification with each eligible purchase. Rewards are deposited into your account on the first working day of every month.

At this time the Hay app is only available on smartphones, however instant push notifications and payments can be accessed through Apple Pay and Google Pay on compatible wearable devices.

When you make purchases with your Hay card online or in-store with overseas merchants, your account will be debited in AUD as it is an AUD only account. At the point of sale, Hay will convert the AUD to equivalent currency.

The benefits of using your Hay card for overseas purchases are:

  • We don't charge an international transaction processing fee, but please note some merchants may charge a fee
  • Hay passes on the exchange rates it receives from Visa and doesn’t add a margin like many of our competitors, so you get a better exchange rate

We’ll shortly be giving you the viability of these rates within our app but in the meantime, you can check them at

Many financial institutions support NPP/OSKO payments but are not always guaranteed as they rely on processing technology.

Some banks choose to hold or downgrade NPP payments or send them via the slower Direct Entry payment channel. This is due to their own internal rules they may have in place due to fraud and anti-money laundering monitoring, or sending to a new account.

If your funds didn't arrive instantly, please wait for at least 24h. When the transfer is generated over the weekend, please wait until the end of the next business day for the funds to reach your account.

When you send payments from Hay to another bank, we'll always attempt to send the funds via instant payment route/NPP. If the receiving financial institution or the bank account does not support receipt of instant/NPP payments we'll send funds via the Direct Entry payment channel which is slower.

Additionally, sometimes other financial institutions choose to hold received NPP payments due to their own internal rules related to fraud or anti-money laundering monitoring. Which means we don't have oversight of the dates or times for when the payments will arrive.

We've been advised by Australia Post that they've temporarily postponed express delivery of letter mail due to disruptions caused by the pandemic. Current delivery time frames for your card to arrive is up to 4 weeks, this may be quicker for Metro areas. If your card does not arrive within this time frame, please contact Hay Help team.